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Rebuild Infrastructure — Vital to Our Nation

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

When President speaks of “rebuilding our infrastructure,” this is what he’s talking about:

Bridges cracked and rotting, that will eventually collapse: Seattle, Minneapolis, Oklahoma.

Overcrowded, outdated, under-equipped and understaffed public schools.

Sewers that leak into water or blow up manholes,

Sewage treatment that is beyond capacity,

Water systems unable to safely carry potable water through pipes that constantly fail,

Inadequate Internet access,

Insufficient housing for each man and woman and child in this ‘greatest nation on Earth’ country.

There’s work to be had, if our lawmakers have the sense of purpose and political fortitude to keep our people alive, well and hopeful.

And those women and men, who can do the the jobs of rebuilding, would work once more; designing, manufacturing and installing the the public infrastructure that keeps cities and towns — and the people, rich and non-rich who live in them — safe, secure and able to thrive.

“Return on money,” is not the purpose of the United States of America nor its Congress.

“Promote the general Welfare” is.