She Is Angering Voters … He Inspires Them

While speaking with a relative not attached to any particular candidate, he volunteered that he’s upset at the Clinton attacks and just ‘wants it to be over.’ The ‘kitchen sink’ strategy may be her undoing. She and Bill have turned off a lot of their former backers with their South Carolina comments: “Oh, he’s just black, like Jesse” and “Dr. King did the dream; it took a president to pass the law.” [That's why President Obama will turn those dreams into law.]

Now it’s the 3am phone call and McC and she are the only ones capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation at 3am?

We need this man, who represents the possibility of hope and its potential fulfillment … the kind of inspirational leader who only comes around once in a generation. Dr. King; JFK; RFK … he’s all of them rolled into one.

FDR spoke to the nation at a time of deep economic crisis, and it was his WORDS, ‘the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,’ and his WORDS in the ‘fireside chats’ that gave folks hope in the most terrible times of our parents’ generation. You have a cabinet and a circle of senior advisers to help move the levers of power; to help craft the strategy you want, to inform you, so YOU, the president, can make the right decision. This man has the basic instincts to know what is right and what is wrong. What we need, and not what the big boys want.

We need him to repair our broken system, our broken direction, our nearly broken spirit. He can rebuild our broken house, which, as Lincoln said, ‘cannot stand’ if it is divided.

Please, go to and volunteer to make 20 phone calls to Mississippi now, and Pennsylvania in a few days. Download Skype free and use your computer to dial and talk to the voters there (17 cents per minute) The script is on your screen and the campaign directions make the process easy.

Let us make this man our President and get our country back.

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