Ferraro Said He’s Winning Because He’s Black

Obama is winning, not because he is an African-American… what greater obstacle can that be in a nation where you could be shot or lynched or beaten just for having the audacity to try to register to vote as late as the 1960’s ?

He is winning because he is Barack Obama; because he has worked hard — after Columbia and Harvard Law — for his fellow human beings in the deeply depressed and hopeless ghetto that is Chicago’s South Side; because he was elected a state senator and worked hard for the good of his constituents in that same South Side; because he taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago and practiced law for those same constituents; because he worked hard to organize a campaign and used his ability to inspire a state filled with many racist communities and still roll to an amazing win in every single area of that same state to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

He is winning because he inspires us to want to be more than what we are today, the same way John Kennedy inspired an entire generation who responded to his call to ‘do for your country’ and join the Peace Corps.

He is winning because inspires people of all backgrounds, culture and races who are sick of ‘terror’ politics; ’soft’ on guns, weapons, and war politics.

He is winning because he’ll use that phone to make calls to help ensure that fomenting crises are thwarted from bursting forth at 3am.

As he has said, “We are who we have been waiting for.” And we’ve been waiting, for a long long long time, for a real leader who can bring this nation together, assure us that when times get rough for us at the kitchen table late at night, we have not just a friend, but a dynamic leader who will make the right choice to heal our trauma and bring us together.

When was the last time, or did we ever, have a president who is all of this and more?

LBJ kept trying to change his persona to present an image with which voters could connect. It seems Mrs. Clinton is doing the same.

Barack Obama is winning because he knows who he is, and we are inspired and engaged with a person who believes that, yes, as a people, a society, a world leader… we can… and that with him, we will become all we hope to be.

Nick Penning is an Arlington, Va., writer.

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  1. 1gkek Says:

    An inspired post, Nick. Well done.

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