War Without End, Amen.

And so it goes …

“Army Cpl. Christopher C. Simpson, 23, of Hampton, Va. … was killed Monday in Baghdad,” Washington Post, 3/21/08. “Army Major Alan G. Rogers, 40, [who had worked at the Pentagon] was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors … Killed by a makeshift explosive device in Baghdad on Jan. 27 … he was awarded a Purple Heart, posthumously, and his second bronze star … His thesis adviser at Georgetown said he had thought, ‘This is a guy I’m going to hear from in 10 years, and he’s going to be a general,’” Washington Post, 3/22/08.

You’ve seen how the officers wear their rows of ribbons and medals on their chests when they testify before Congress. Major Rogers now had three of the most honored, but they’ll never be on his living chest; he’ll never be that general his professor expected. He’s gone.

Just this morning Reuters reported three more soldiers had been killed by the same ‘roadside device’ that takes a few more lives every single day. To the point that, as of this moment on a Saturday evening, three-thousand nine-hundred ninety-six human beings from the U.S. have given their lives for George W. Bush’s lies.

And Iraqi deaths? The British medical journal, The Lancet, estimated in 2006 that there had been “more than 650,000 Iraqi ‘excess deaths’ in the 40 months following the invasion.”

This past week Mr. Bush, speaking of his unilateral, UN-rejected invasion, answered his own question about its worth, saying, “The answers are clear to me. Removing Saddam Hussein from power was the right decision …”

But on March 20, 2003, here’s what he had to say about the reason for his invasion, which he told the nation had already started: “American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.”

No ‘removing from power;’ no ‘surge’ to make one city, Baghdad, safe.

His reasons, delivered so eloquently and forcefully by the duped Colin Powell, were all an evil, contrived scam; leaving 23 year-old Christopher C. Simpson and 40 year-old Alan G. Rogers as lifeless bodies to return to their families.

Their deaths, the President knew, made no defense of this nation, which he has falsely told so many grieving families. Those families lost their precious sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, spouses; because we had a president who thirsted for war with Iraq, and made us all think it was about awful weapons and the ‘people who attacked’ New York and The Pentagon.

As many have noted, our nation, operating under the unconstitutional authority of a power-focused president, has now been at war with a minor nation for longer than our citizens served in each of the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

The man who will fill the Republican slot on our November ballots says our soldiers are “on the precipice of winning a major victory against radical Islamic extremism.” Victory? Just what might that be?

And, “radical Islamic extremism” — Could not the Iraqis who hate our presence on their sovereign soil, make an equal claim that they are in a fight with ‘radical Christian extremism’? After all, the President said he was on a ‘Crusade,’ the original ones being “military expeditions launched by Christian secular and religious rulers against Moslems in the Middle East from 1096 to 1291,” according to the University of Calgary.

Leaders of both the 2003 and Middle Ages military invasions said they were acting with God’s approval. As Mr. Bush repeats, over and over, God should bless our nation, implying that God is ‘on our side,’ not ‘theirs.’

It is all such madness. Killing and killing; day after day; on and on, with an end only “when ‘the job’ is done.” So, that’s what it is, just a ‘job,’ this killing of other human beings who worship a little differently than the majority do here in our country.

As for radicals, wouldn’t you say that a ‘religious’ person, who initiates an unprovoked campaign of killing, is more than a little ‘radical’?

Senator McCain says he’d stay in a state of war for “a hundred years” to “get the job done.” Senator Obama, who opposed this monstrous invasion when to do so was a major political risk, pledges to withdraw U.S. forces and end this national nightmare.

A nightmare that’s been quietly borne by some two-hundred thousand young men and women, who wanted nothing more than to serve their country. Instead, they were betrayed by a radical ‘leader’ who promises nothing but war without end.

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