Who Would Be a Patriot?

Mr. Speaker,

Now you have assented to the release of an attack on the FBI and the United States Department of Justice by the Intelligence Committee chairman. Are you saying, by your silence and by your smiling observation of this president, that you actually favor a one-party, authoritarian government in the United States of America?

What is the limit, sir?

I am deeply, deeply concerned over the future of our nation. What will you do to preserve, protect and defend it? Will you have guts enough to stand up to this 45th president and tell him that in our country we don’t talk like that (shit hole countries), we don’t conspire against the people of our own country and we don’t lie to the people in interviews and speeches and press conferences?

We are not all fools, sir. I wonder if our republic will last until the next election day; or should we prepare for news to be taken over by the government, which would become the source of all truth?

What will you do to save this nation from the constant assault on truth and on our system of justice?

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