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Election Emotion, Violence and Overseas Enemies

Saturday, October 31st, 2020

Mr. President and Campaign:

Before you issue any more orders for your followers to “poll watch” or “stand by” with weapons in our streets on Election Day, consider this: our enemies overseas look upon the chaos you’re encouraging and they see a nation weak from within.

They see our shores as perhaps not so formidable.

No country has invaded us since 1812, but nations with unstable leaders, who relish disorder and anger in their cities and towns, do not fare well in history. Hold back, America. Be calm. Vote with all your mighty conviction. Then go home and await the returns.

Violence and chaos can weaken us as never before, and those leaders who wish us ill are watching with all the craftiness of Scar in the Lion King, waiting for his moment to pounce on the wounded prey in his sights.

Together, we are strong.

Divided against itself, as Abraham Lincoln said, a house - even our house - cannot stand.