Why Don’t I Have Black Neighbors? - The 1A

You think people “live with their own kind” and that’s the reason you never see a black face in your neighborhood?

No. Our suburbs, the homes built after World War II for returning service people, were ordered by federal housing authorities to not include any African American a as potential buyer. No black person was shown any of those houses by builders or real estate agents.

No black person could get a bank loan to buy a house in any neighborhood specifically created for white people only.

So black workers couldn’t find a house to live near their factories or offices, because those houses were never shown to people of “their kind.”

Listen to this radio program and ask yourself, “What can I do to stop the deliberate segregation in my neighborhood?” Because you know that practice continues today.

And consider this: What do we owe African Americans for the accumulated housing wealth they never were given a chance to build?

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